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Why do I Run…by Kristy C.

Hi! I’m Kristy C.  I joined MRTT a few years back but wasn’t very active at the time because somehow I got the impression I needed to be a super marathoner! Anyway, I re-joined the group a few months later and I am so glad I did.  I love the positivity in this group!  I wish I could meet up on more runs, but our crazy family schedule keeps me doing most of my running on my lunch break.  I work full time and I am a mom of two kiddos – A boy who is 8 and a girl who is 2.  I love it when they like to participate in my weight training and yoga stretches with me.

Thanks to the motivation of this group, I did my first half last September, with my husband by my side.  It was very cool and I was so proud of us.  I hope to run Disney with the hubs in the next couple years.

It’s been great to meet so many of you!  Thanks for all the virtual hi-fives and advice you have given me along the way!

Why do you run? To relieve stress and feel good about myself!

How long have you been a runner? On and off for years.  I did track as a kid and the treadmill as a kid, then I tried so many things such as elliptical, yoga, pilates, Jazzercise, cardio-kick boxing, weights, team sports.  I went back to running as my main gig around 2002-2008.  Then I did elliptical and weights as my main gig for a few years and went back to running around 2013.

Before you leave for a run you must have? Music!

Describe your relationship with running in one word? Friend

Best run ever? 408k with my husband was lots of fun.  We had a great time!

If you could recommend any running related item to a new runner it would be?  A fun playlist!

When not going on a run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? Elliptical, weights, yoga and stretching.

Worst injury and how you got over it? Some hip pain – rest.  Had a hip flexor strain – did lots of stretching…Had some plantar fasciitis – taped and did lots of foot massage.

What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to go for a run? To feel  good about me.

When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting? Knowing I will feel better if I do.

My favorite thing about running? I get to clear my head and have time to think things through…

I felt most like a BadA$$ Mother Runner when? I finished SJ Rock n Roll Half, difficult, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time.

Do you use a Garmin or have a favorite App to track your runs? Fitbit

Favorite brand of running shoes? Asics

Favorite races? SIB, 408k, GOTR

Favorite running partner? Husband, but I am usually alone for schedule reasons.

Do you have a running idol? Senior citizens who are running – so freakin’ badass!

If you gave someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be? Have fun! All miles are miles…

Running goals for 2016? Keep on keeping on…maybe get a little faster….

What do you love about MRTT? All the positivity!

Kristy MRTT


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Why do I Run….by Alejandra C.

Alejandra has been running since 2011 and she joined MRTT in the spring of 2014. She is a mother of two boys: ages 10 and 6. She works for a local nonprofit that is working on issues around homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Why do you run? I initially began running as a way to keep off some weight and get moving. The sad reality is that high-school P.E. was the last time I had really been active until I started running in my mid-30s. I wanted to start exercising to capitalize on some of the weight-loss I had experienced after nursing my boys. After they had been weaned, I thought if I want to keep this weight off I better start moving! That goal happened to coincide with my sister’s idea to run the Urban Cow 5k in Sacramento. After crossing that finish line for the first time, I was hooked!

How long have you been a runner?  I still feel like a relatively new runner. The first time I stepped on a treadmill was in 2011 and I was running 3 miles.  It was in January 2013, that I reached a new mile-stone of running 6 miles outside when I was training for my first half-marathon.  

Before you leave for a run you must have?  I must have my Garmin (a gift from my husband on our 10th wedding anniversary. He knows the way to my heart!). If it’s a long distance, I must have GU and water. 

Describe your relationship with running in one word? Dependent 

Best run ever?  My first (hopefully, not last) marathon in April 2015 when I ran Big Sur. It was amazing to push through the infamous wall at about mile 22/23 (it is still fuzzy) and come out on the other end.  It is hard to put into words what my legs were experiencing at that point during the marathon, when all I wanted to do was walk. Please, I just want to walk?! It is incredibly empowering to get to the point where it is no longer your legs that are carrying you forward – you are running with your heart and your mind. That is the power of the marathon. If you can commit to the training and enjoy running, I highly recommend that you sign up for a marathon.  

If you could recommend any running related item to a new runner it would be? I would say you must get fitted for shoes!  

When not going on a run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? I don’t😦 but this is a goal of mine for 2016.  

Worst injury and how you got over it?  Praise the Lord, I haven’t had any injuries. While I was training for my marathon, I did experience some plantar fasciitis. But I changed shoes and my right foot became best friends with a Sponge Bob golf ball. Things have been good in the ‘hood ever since. 

What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to go for a run?  Lately, it has been meeting my friends to go running. They are a great inspiration to go to sleep early (I don’t want to miss the alarm) and meet for a run before the sun even rises. That is the funny thing about running it has brought about many life-changing habits. Years ago if you had told me that I would no longer be sleeping in on Saturdays (as much as a mom can sleep in anyway) or that I would be setting my alarm to wake me up a time that starts with a 4 – I would have called you crazy!  

When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting?  During a race, it’s the desire to set a new PR.

My favorite thing about running? Oh, there are so many things to love about running. I could write an entire blog post on this topic alone.  Running has taught me that age really is just a number because I am running distances now that I would have laughed at as a teenager. You want me to run how many miles?!  I love the joy that it has brought to my life now that exercise is a part of my life-style. Better late than never, but I do wish I had discovered the benefits of running when I was a brand new mom.  Exercise would have helped me tremendously during those early years. Last but not least, I love the new friendships it has brought to my life through MRTT.  It has been such a gift to meet other moms who share my love for running!  

I felt most like a BadA$$ Mother Runner when? I finished my first marathon at Big Sur in April 2015.

Do you use a Garmin or have a favorite App to track your runs? I use a Garmin watch and I’m also on Runkeeper.  

Favorite brand of running shoes?  Right now I am really loving my Adidas Ultra Boost. They feel really light and it almost feels like you’re wearing socks with great soles, of course.

Favorite races?  The Santa Cruz Half-Marathon is one of my favorites because it was my first half-marathon in 2013.  I ran this race with a group from my church as a way to raise funds for a church we’re working with in Nicaragua. I returned to this race in 2014 to accompany my hubby on his first half-marathon.  

Do you have a running idol?  Nadia Ruiz is pretty amazing and I was so excited to meet her at the SJ Rock ‘n’ Roll expo last year! She’s the youngest Latina to have reached the distinction of running 100 marathons. She inspired me to start my own wall of race bibs:) .

If you gave someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?  Start!

Running goals for 2016? I would like to begin lifting weights and cross-training. I hope that saying it here helps keep me accountable. God willing, I’ll also be completing my 2nd half-marathon in New York City!  I am beyond excited to have gotten into this marathon through the lottery.

What do you love about MRTT?  I love the encouragement and inspiration from the other mamas. I feel quite blessed to have found this group.  I find it inspiring to see the posts from other moms that are also getting out there.  I have made some dear friends through this group that have introduced me to new wonderful trails and got me to sign up for my very first trail half-marathon at Summit Rock. I continue to meet fabulous mamas!  

984182_10152556591752435_3696166236306165087_n (1)

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MRTT Running Survey featuring Julie S.

I decided I would kick this off by completing the questionnaire myself. I joined the San Jose MRTT group several years ago. One of my first interactions with MRTT was meeting up with Irma Do to pick up some MRTT shirts for the Disneyland Tinkerbell ½ Marathon and deliver them to some of the moms running the race. I very much enjoy staying connected to running through the San Jose MRTT group.

  1. Why do you run? I run for stress relief. Getting out and pounding the pavement helps me process all the crazy stuff going on in my head.
  2. How long have you been a runner? On and off since middle school. I ran the mile and 2 mile for track. Over the years I would always go back to running as my go to exercise. Pushed my girls around in the jogger stroller when they were little and then dragged them along with me in short 5Ks as they got old enough to participate. I love that we still run races as a family now that they are grown up.
  3. Before you leave for a run you must have? I really hate to admit this but I need to have my IPhone and headset because I must have my tunes and my Nike app to track my miles.
  4. Describe your relationship with running in one word? Empowering, because even the not so good runs leave me feeling stronger than before.
  5. Best run ever? My first marathon. It was the Silicon Valley marathon and it was my slowest marathon but that feeling of completing it still warms my heart. I started crying when I hit mile 25 because I knew run, walk, or crawl that I was going to do it. My husband, my daughters, and my best friend Stacie all were there to support me and celebrate with me.
  6. If you could recommend any running related item to a new runner it would be? The importance of getting good shoes to run in and trying different brands and styles until you find what works for you. I love Asics and have run in them since the 80’s.
  7. When not going on a run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? Honestly I must admit I am not much of a cross trainer. I like power walking but that is a lot like running. I know going to the gym and incorporating other types of exercise is important and helps aid in avoiding injury. Once I am released to return to exercise I am hoping to commit to at least 2 days of cross training at the gym that I pay for but rarely use.
  8. Worst injury and how you got over it? On January 5, 2015 I slipped and fell down some concrete steps at work resulting in breaking my right hip, bruising ribs/kidney, hairline pelvic fracture, injuring my back, mild concussion and whiplash. I spent 6 weeks using a walker to limit weight bearing for my hip/pelvic fractures to heal and 2 more weeks using a cane. I spent the last year recovering, doing physical therapy, chiropractor, and acupuncture to help aid in getting back to where I was prior to the accident. I did a lot of walking but was not really able to get to a strong enough point to incorporate much jogging due to continued issues with my back. So I decided to have a micro-discectomy to repair the L4/L5 herniated disc on January 7, 2016 of this year. The surgery went well but unfortunately I suffered a Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak that caused me to have headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness upon standing. I went back into the hospital and ended up having a blood patch to repair the CSF leak. The blood patch was successful but within 2 days of being back home from the hospital I started having intense pain and numbness in my right leg and foot. I went back into the ER to find out that I had re-herniated the disc. I am not sure how that happened basically on bedrest but the surgeon said the new herniation was worse than the original so I had a second discectomy in February to repair the disc, followed by another CSF leak resulting in a 3rd surgery in March to seal the leak. Thought I was finally on the mend but suffered yet another herniated disk resulting in a spinal fusion in April.  I was checked in and out of the hospital 6 times for a total of 30 days, 4 surgeries and 1 procedure which was not what I was expecting when I decided to go ahead with the back surgery but the issues I had are all possible risks of the surgery. I am happy to say that I am home and on the mend and working at getting back to where I was before the fall. I am on my way to recovery!
  9. What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to go for a run? Since I have been recovering the last year my big motivation has just been to get out there and at least walk as part of my recovery and to do my daily PT exercises because I really miss running. Before my accident I would say my biggest motivator was to clear my head.
  10. When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting? I usually utilize self-talk a lot when I am on long runs. I have a little mantra I repeat to myself if needed; “I feel great, I feel strong, I could run all day long”.
  11. Favorite thing about running? It’s my me-time and it makes me feel good. I love the energy I feel at races and when I complete running goals that I have set.
  12. I felt most like a BadA$$ Mother Runner when? In 2014, my husband I set on a quest to complete 14 races and log over 1400 miles for the year. I logged 1402.1 miles on my Nike + app and completed 1 Marathon (PR), 5 Half Marathons, 1- ½ marathon relay, 5-10ks and 2 – 5ks. I felt very accomplished that year – BOOM!
  13. Do you use a Garmin or have a favorite App to track your runs? I use the Nike + app.
  14. Favorite running partner? In the past I would say that I was more of a solo runner but over the past few years I have found that I do enjoy running with a partner. My husband, my daughter, fellow MRTT mom Melodie Cameron, my best friend Christie or anyone I can get to join me.
  15. Favorite races? I really like the Rock-n-Roll series, Brazen Racing and Disneyland races. Although I feel that Disney has gotten quite expensive and crowded not to mention the crazy early start times.
  16. Quirky habit while running? I like to carry chapstick and Kleenex just in case I need it. I don’t feel complete if I do not have them packed with a snack for long runs or race day. I must admit I am kind of addicted to chapstick:)
  17. Do you have a running idol? When I was 16,  Joan Benoit Samuelson won the Gold medal in the Olympic Women’s marathon. It made such an impression on me as a runner. I still remember how awesome it was to watch her take the victory lap with the American Flag. She is the ultimate mother runner for me.
  18. If you gave someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be? Don’t over think it. Just do it! Try not to worry too much about pace or technique. Life is complicated enough so just enjoy the feel of the run.
  19. Running goals for 2016? I am just taking it a day at a time right now during my recovery so I do not have any official goals for 2016. I am happy to say that I am walking now without walker or a cane and working on my goal of walking 30 minutes (currently at 15 to 20)!
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Why Run ?

For continued health reasons I have been MIA. Sorry about the absence. I am back at it and thought it would be fun to finally do a “Running Survey” type post that I started months ago. I enjoyed my research looking for different running-related questions to consider. I looked at different surveys that were out there and chose questions that made me think and/or smile. I hope you find these posts fun to read and get to know our MRTT moms a little better. Please email me at with your answers and a short bio and a picture(optional) if you would like to be featured in the “Running Survey Series”. Thank you. Julie


  1. Why do you run?
  2. How long have you been a runner?
  3. Before you leave for a run you must have?
  4. Describe your relationship with running in one word?
  5. Best run ever?
  6. If you could recommend any running related item to a new runner it would be?
  7. When not going on a run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do?
  8. Worst injury and how you got over it?
  9. What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to go for a run?
  10. When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting?
  11. My favorite thing about running?
  12. I felt most like a BadA$$ Mother Runner when?
  13. Do you use a Garmin or have a favorite App to track your runs?
  14. Favorite brand of running shoes?
  15. Favorite races?
  16. Favorite running partner?
  17. Do you have a running idol?
  18. If you gave someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?
  19. Running goals for 2016?
  20. What do you love about MRTT?
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Reflections – Big Sur International Marathon

The Story of my 1st Marathon – Big Sur, April 2015  Guest post by Alejandra Chavez

I went to bed around 9pm the night before and got up a couple of times as I always seem to do before race-day.  But then eventually, one of the times I looked at my phone and it was almost 3:20am — it was time to get up! The shuttle would be picking me up at the hotel at 4am. I thought it was a great sign when the bus that I got on was a Pajaro Valley Unified School District bus (the school district I attended in Watsonville and where my mom currently works).

I tried to nap on the bus, but I could hear the runners around me so I was in and out of sleep. Some of them were making the mistake of paying attention to the route – a big no, no. I looked at my watch when it was finally time to get off the bus – 5:22am. I guess we had been on the bus for awhile.

There was a lot of time spent waiting for the race to start.  However, before I knew it – it was time to start gathering in the corrals. As I was making my way to the corral, I finally saw some familiar MRTT faces in the sea of runners: Wendy, Josephine, and Ann. We exchanged hugs and good wishes.  I made my way towards Star, the 4:45 pacer. When they started to sing the Star Spangled Banner, I remember closing my eyes and just having a moment – wow! I’m really doing this! I was already feeling overwhelmed and I began to cry tears of joy. It was crazy to think that I was taking on my first marathon.

I had everything I needed for race day, including prayer cards that sweet Maria Trees made for me, 1 bible verse for every mile. Eventually it was go time!  The first 2 miles seem to fly by and they felt nice. I remember small groups of people along those early miles – near the Big Sur campgrounds. They came out to cheer us on.  There was an older woman who was out in her bathrobe playing her guitar and singing a cheezy song.

I was in a happy place those first few miles. One of the most memorable moments came when we turned a corner after mile 9 and we got our first glimpse of Hurricane Point. It was a sight to behold, not because of the incline but for its sheer magnificence and beauty. It was breathtaking.  You had Hurricane Point in the distance and you could see the Taiko drummers at the bottom. I was still in a happy place and honestly wasn’t that scared of Hurricane Point. Our pacer did a great job of getting us up that hill by running for 2 mins/walking 1 minute. The whole time we were going up I channeled my time on the switchbacks at Rancho. I drew on that training and pretended that I was just back at the switchbacks with Patti, Suki, & Monica during one our regular runs. This made it so much more do-able.  And then we came to the Bixby Bridge which was another magical moment, with a gentleman playing the piano on the side of Highway 1!

Runners crossing a Bridge

Running Bixby Bridge

The first 14 miles felt awesome! I was feeling great and really enjoying the experience, the scenery, everything.  I was feeling so good that I wondered, should I try and go faster? But everyone had warned me about those hills!  I couldn’t break away yet. At that point I thought, maybe I can speed up at mile 20 (ha, ha, ha).

It was after we had crossed the half-way mark that my legs probably felt the consequences of Hurricane Point.  Even though  I felt fine going up, they were starting to get a bit tired. Sometime during mile 15 I decided to put in the headphones and listen to my music.  The music helped and I started to get lost in the miles. I made mistake of choosing an old playlist, but it created quite a moment as Florence & The Machine’s Dog Days came on. As the chorus came on I reflected on how the dog/or dark days are over for me – the old me that wasn’t exercising and didn’t have as much joy in her life – she is gone. That life is gone.  I cried tears of joy as I thought about all the changes that had taken place and now here I am – running a friggin’ marathon!

At mile 20, I was still hanging in there.  I remember a little girl on the sidelines saying “only 6 more miles to go!” 6 miles actually didn’t sound that bad.  It was at mile 21 that things got a bit hazy.  I hit the wall somewhere around mile 22/23. It is hard to put into words what my legs were experiencing at that point, when all I wanted to do was walk. Please can we just walk?!  Legs…..are…….tired.  At mile 23, my legs were so ready to part ways with our pacer, Star.

But I couldn’t leave Star, the pacer, who became my running coach. She kept us entertained during the early miles with pacing stories and now she was proving to be a heaven-sent running coach. I needed her words of encouragement: She told us that we had the strength within us, to believe in ourselves, and that this was the day we got to cash in on all of the months of training. She told us to think about our loved ones waiting for us at the finish line who believed we could do this and to draw on their strength. I had to stay with her! And I did think about my friends and family who believed I could do this, when I was not even fully convinced.  My mind said you have to stay with Star – you  have been with her for too long to quit now and her words are helping! You can still finish this race in 4:45.

Alejandra and pacer Star

Alejandra with pacer Star


When I saw the 25 mile marker – I thought OMG I’m at mile 25 and OMG there’s another hill!!! But after I climbed that hill I finally felt like I could break away from Star and pick up the pace. It was UNBELIEVABLE to see the finish line. And when the finish line was near I could hear my son, “Mommy! Mommy!” I caught a glimpse of my family and blew a kiss.

It was amazing to cross the finish line, to have powered through the pain, to come out on the other side and to know I had not quit.  It is incredibly empowering to get to the point where it is no longer your legs carrying you forward – you are running with your heart and your mind. You come into contact with a strength and power that had always been within you, but that you’d never tapped into before.  That is the power of the marathon.

God willing, I’ll get to have a new 26.2 journey as I take on the NYC Marathon this fall.

About the Author: Alejandra has been running since 2011 and she joined MRTT in the spring of 2014. She is a mother of two boys: ages 10 and 6. She works for a local nonprofit that is working on issues around homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Alejandra Big Sur Finish

Run a Marathon – CHECK!

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See the Positives

Guest post by Ash Rivera

I’m posting this pic as a lesson for myself (beyond the fact that playing basketball in a dress isn’t the best idea – lol). I looked at this pic and told my nephew to delete it because I hated it. His response? “What are you talking about?! That’s an awesome pic. You made the shot and look at your follow through! Can we take more action shots?”

I look at this and see nothing but problem areas and what needs to be fixed. He looks at it and sees nothing but a good shot and fun times with his aunt. We can all learn something from kids. We should all look at pics of ourselves and see the positives. That’s my goal. Stop focusing on what needs work and what I don’t like about my body and start focusing on what I can and already have accomplished.


Challenge yourselves to look at yourself with positivity and see what’s RIGHT about you. 😊

About the author: Ash has been running for three years and joined SJMRTT just over a year ago. She has two beautiful children, an 8 year old boy and a 6-year-old girl. She started focusing on her health and getting to a healthier weight at the end of 2012 and has been working to be as healthy as possible since then.

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Test Post – Learning the Process

Hello, Irma and I (Julie) are meeting so that she can teach me the process to write and manage the San Jose – MRTT blog site. We added a countdown to the Big Sur International Marathon. Can you believe that it is only 25 days away? Are you ready? Irma is training for the full marathon and she says that she is not ready!

Irma's last Big Sur (21 miler) in 2014 ...see the anguish :)

Irma’s last Big Sur (21 miler) in 2014 …see the anguish:)

In the comments below let us know if you are training for this event and or if you have a Big Sur race story to share.

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Seriously, how long has it been since I’ve last blogged here? OK…don’t answer that…my 2015 WordPress stats were abysmal…what happened?? Well, besides having  baby and adjusting to having 4 kids (“what’s 1 more?” they said, “it’s not a big deal!” they said…all LIES!!)….life happened….

What didn’t happen for me was running….honestly, I’ve been on hiatus since after the San Jose Rock n Roll.  It’s only because I have the Big Sur Marathon in April that I am forcing myself to leave the comfort of my nursing chair to get in some miles. Does it scare me that I haven’t kept up with training for one of the most spectacular marathons on the planet? Yes!!  Am I worried that I won’t complete the marathon in the 6 hour time limit? Yes!! Will that stop me from doing the race anyway? Ye….I mean, NO!!!

Of course, not!!

Running is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport.  And it is also a social sport! Thank goodness for the wonderful mother runners in the San Jose Chapter of Moms RUN this Town (MRTT)!! Without them, I would not have made it out as much as I have the past few months.

We had our National MRTT Winter Virtual Run  few weeks ago.  The theme was “Back to Basics” so we had our Winter Virtual 2016 start and end at my humble abode with a potluck and BBQ. At the very first SJ-MRTT Virtual run in 2012, there was just me and one other mother runner – so having our families for a BBQ was no big deal.  This year, we had 22 moms and their families doing the run…a much bigger deal than 4 years ago (we had to use the front and the back yards for festivities)!

Virtual 408k pics.001

WOW!!  That is 11 times more participants than we had at our first virtual!

A few weeks later, our mother runners also took over the 408K Race through the lovely streets of San Jose.

Virtual 408k pics.002

WOW again!!  Look at all those beautiful faces!!  Did I tell you how much our chapter ROCKS!! I am inspired every day to put on my running shoes just because I know another mom is doing the same thing.

And that’s the beauty of having a running group with people who “get you” yet keep you accountable!

As 2016 continues, changes for me also continue.  My family will be relocating in a few months and I will be leaving my beloved chapter…the chapter that I birthed 4 years ago…that I’ve watched grow from 10 members to over 1000 members. Wow is right.

With that in mind, one of our lovely mother runners will be taking over the blog while I transition our of my role as Chapter Leader.  Julie is currently recuperating and offered to take over the blog to keep her busy since she has to take a break from running.  That’s a TRUE mother runner – if you can’t run, you might as well blog about running!!

I’ll let Julie fill you in on her life….needless to say, she ROCKS and will regale you with much more interesting posts about our wonderful chapter.

This won’t be my last post here…so no weepy reminiscing or goodbyes that sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech…yet!!



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Mystery solved! What happens on an MRTT group run?

We’ve had a lot of new mother runners join us recently – so exciting!!  But also so scary….What if I I post about wanting to meet people for a run and no one responds? What if I am the slowest person on a group run? What if I do find someone to run with – what do we talk about for an hour (or more) while we’re running? I don’t know about actually “meeting” people who I only know from a Facebook group…

Moms RUN this Town, San Jose is NOT just a Facebook group! We actually ENCOURAGE members to meet for real runs…in person, on a trail in the area, with their kids (if they have them).  Why? Because running is more fun in a group! And as moms, we understand that speed is relative (just like we know that numbers on a scale don’t mean that much). We also know what it takes to get out of the house for a run, especially if you’re bringing the baby and the toddler and the double stroller…and the 7 year old on a bike…and the dog….

So what actually happens when you get 2 or more mother runners together for a group run? Well, it goes something like this…

Group Run Meeting time – 9 AM-ish – there is always a little lee-way to account for explosive diapers and tantruming toddlers. Sometimes we meet earlier depending on the day (weekday vs weekend) or the distance (5 AM start for those long runs!) or if moms need to get back to the house at a certain time (to get ready for work or so their partner can get ready for work or to be there before the kids wake up).

Who runs with who? Here’s where people can get really nervous because we’re talking PACE! The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines pace as “the speed at which someone or something moves”. In our chapter, we have some pretty speedy mamas (8 minute miles or less) and we also have some not so speedy mamas.  I  fall into the latter category and I am totally fine with that! If a tiger were chasing us, you can thank me for keeping the tiger busy so you can get away. Yeah, I’m just a nice person that way! Being “slow” is really relative – I may be slower than an 8 minute miler but I am faster than my two year old!

For group runs, we usually divide up into pace – sometimes formally but most of the time, naturally.  We will all start off together then eventually the faster moms go ahead and the rest of us do the run at the speed that we are comfortable with.  Sometimes we’ll say before the run, “OK, we’ll meet back in an hour” and people run out for 30 minutes then come back for 30 minutes. That way, everyone meets back around the same time and we can all stretch and talk.  Sometimes, we’ll say before the run, “OK, we’ll all do 5 miles” and then people run the mileage in however amount of time it takes them and usually people wait until everyone is back.  The faster ones take the time to stretch and socialize while waiting.  Starting together and ending together is a usually a given during a group run.

Sometimes though, there might be only one person whose pace doesn’t match the rest of the people meeting up. What then? No one wants to hold the others back or kill themselves trying to keep up. This is where we get creative because we don’t leave our mamas behind!  In this scenario, the faster moms will periodically double back to check on the mom running behind her –  encouraging her or just making sure she’s doing OK – then run ahead again. This way, the speedy moms get in more miles and the not so speedy moms know that they aren’t left behind. Win-Win for all!!

Most moms usually find something in common to talk about during their runs.  After all, we are all health minded women who have a care-taking role in our families.  A conversation that starts with, “So, how do you run this town?” could lead to finding out all the races a mom has done or all the activities she takes her kids to during the course of the week or her favorite place to workout or go for a date night.

After the run, some moms just leave after stretching. Most moms, if they have kids with them would let the kids out to play and have a little playdate.  Sometimes moms grab lunch or coffee.  Running is a boost not just physically but also mentally and socially. I am not a sola runner (I’ll do it if I have to) – the “runners high” is always so much “higher” when I am running with other people!

Group Run 20Jun15

Our group run this month…we broke up into 3 pace groups, ran for an hour then got coffee – a GREAT way to start the day!

So don’t be scared of a group run!! It’s OK if you’re the slowest person there or if you don’t know anyone in the group you’re meeting up with.  By the time your run is done, you’d be surprised with how far and/or how fast you ran and how easy it is to make a new friend or 15!

So, when you are joining a group run???


Why wait until Monday?

I’ve been cleared to run since last week but I was going to wait until Monday, June 1st to do anything official with my fabulous Moms RUN this Town moms only running group.  You know, because if you’re going to start something, the best time is really on a Monday…and if you miss that Monday, well, you’re just going to have to wait until the next Monday, or at least until the next major holiday or season change…

But then this happened…..

"I thought of you..." - seriously, it made my heart so happy!

“I thought of you…” – seriously, it made my heart so happy!

So, I will be up at 5 AM tomorrow and meeting Kristan and some of our other lovely mother runners for a group track run. This is why I LOVE MRTT!! Who else can get me out at the crack of dawn for my first postpartum run? Thank you, Kristan for motivating me and reminding me that a new beginning can start at any time on any day!

See you in 5 hours!!

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