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About Junella S.

Junella S. is a mom for 4 and part-time music teacher who has been running for about a year.  Regarding how she got her start in running, Junella says, “A group of friends were trying to get into the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM).  I figured if they were doing it, so can I.  It turns out that we didn’t make the lottery so we all went for the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll.  My friend’s friend was organizing the trainings.  Never stopped since then…..WELL, took kind of a long break after the half.   Now that I’m signed up for the 2012 NWM I’m committed.  :)”  Junella’s favorite runs includes the Campbell/Los Gatos Trail and around her neighborhood because “I love going out and back.”  Junella’s favorite races are the “Adventure” ones (if you can’t tell from her Color Run Race review).  At the top on her list is the Gladiator Run and Warrior Dash.  Her favorite distance? “I Love 10Ks because they’re doable and still require a little more than I normally give.  5Ks are so fun me and my family :). Running makes me feel STRONG!!!!”

What a great role model and inspiration you are Junella!

Mom-ing facts about Junella:

I have 4 kids, 3 big boys (11,8 and 6) and 1 little princess (4 yo).  I’ve been a SAHM for the last 11 years.  I used to work as a preschool teacher before kids.  This year I’ll be working part time as the music teacher at my children’s school, Canyon Heights Academy (where I spent the last 8 years volunteering).   No pets here.  Don’t mean to offend anyone, but I don’t like them.  My husband and kids have a fish that I take no responsibility for.  🙂

Running facts about Junella:

1) She’s done numerous – 5Ks, 3 – 10ks, 1 – 8k and 1 – half marathon. Since she started training she has at least 300 miles on my Nike + GPS.

2) She started running because she signed up for a BIG race.  “Half Marathons were really unfathomable to me before.  My inspiration:  Because it makes me feel good, awesome, powerful, strong, and like a super mom (just to name a few).  Mind you this is all especially after I run.   Also, This January I signed up for Weight Watchers (1st time ever) and have been so successful.  I’m now down 33lbs!  I really believe that I could maintain this and continue to lose more if I run.  It has been the most effective in building muscle, energy levels, and weight loss.”

3)  Favorite gear: Gotta have my iphone, bluetooth headphones, Nike dri fit hat or MRTT Bondi band, pony tail.  I have a nathan belt for long runs and one similiar to the spibelt for short runs.  I love and nutrilite endurance cubes for energy.   I’ve worn ascis until recently.  I realized that when my heel starts to hurt I need new shoes!  I’m now wearing the Brooks Cadence (in bright neon yellow) and I LOVE them.  I’d own a rainbow if I could.   My favorite running store is Running Revolution for their knowledge.  Also found a knowledgeable salesperson (Huy) at Finish Line (Valley Fair) for my Brooks shoes but my real favorites are MARSHALLS  and NORDSTROM RACK.  I bought my Nike compression sleeves for under $10 and my nathan “short run” belt for $8 @ Marshalls.  I’m always on the hunt for the Marika Sports bra and Nike running shorts @ Nordstroms.

Bonus FYI:

“I want others to know that for many, many years I’ve said that “I’m not a runner”. Running kills me.  I wouldn’t be caught dead running…….well, look at me now!   Who would have thunk?!!!!    Seriously, I’ve contemplated how much faster I am getting older.  My kids aren’t growing any slower either.  I have kids who like to be active and I don’t want to be the mom that just watches all the action.  I’d like to live a healthy life as I gracefully age.  Biggest benefit: Kids really see the value of being healthy and active.  I’m so glad that it’s a family effort.  And it wouldn’t hurt to be healthy, active, and Hot mama when I get “older”.  LOL!”


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