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Blogs about Smiles

Yeah, I know – parenting isn’t all about the “smiles” but these are some of my favorite blogs about being a mom/parent (or “mom-ing” as I like to call it, because you know, “mom” really is a verb and not just a noun).

Hands Free Mama – Inspiration for how to be a more present mom.  I don’t run and check my iPhone every 10 minutes for messages, yet somehow I end up doing this when I’m with my kids….what’s wrong with that picture?

Rachel, Jeremy and Mary – Rachel is one of our MRTT members and she has the sweetest blog about her family.  Plus she makes the sweetest jams, jellies and pickles (OK – pickles aren’t that sweet, just the right about of tart!).

* This is a work in progress as I explore the “blogosphere” (hope that’s the right word!) for blogs that speak to me as a mom and a runner.  If you have any favorites, please email me and let me know!


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