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Confessions of a Closet Poster

on August 13, 2016

I must confess that often when I was out on a run and even now on my walks with purpose I find myself crafting a post for the MRTT Facebook page and now this blog in my mind. This happens almost every time I am out there but most of the time these posts do not make it out of the “closet of my mind” and onto the screen.

Creating these works of art in my mind helps keep me from focusing on how tired I am or the frustrations of walking when all I want to do is run again. It is a great way to occupy my mind. Additionally, I find myself reflecting on posts I’ve read on the MRTT page which is another great distractor. This is one of the things I love most about MRTT is that even if you aren’t one to meet up for group runs and events, you still very much feel a part of the group. Although most of you have not met me you have motivated me more that you could ever know.

Most mornings I start the day reading through Facebook chatter and finish my day catching up on what I missed on Facebook during the day.

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the MRTT Face Book chatter:

Shout out posts…I just need to give a shout out to this amazing mama, Arul A. We have a special kind of run friend relationship where we can go an entire run and not even be next to each other BUT we still feel the support of each other. Today however we ran side by side and chatted the whole way and I was reminded all the reasons why her amazing sweet spirit fills me up. Thanks girl! Love ya! … Danalisa G.

Congrats to Heather on crushing the Dammit Run this morning and taking 1st in her AG! It was fun eating your dust! ….Karen H.

Short story: I ran today! 🎉 Long story: About a year ago our family had a near-emergency situation that required us to move very suddenly. We had exactly zero prospects of where to go, so I posted on this group to ask if anyone had any leads. A woman I’d never met before, Melodie C., responded to my post that day–by the end of the week we’d signed the lease and, shortly after, we moved in next door to her. Over the past year Melodie and I have become good friends and the best of neighbors. Case in point: this morning she brought our family breakfast just because (pancakes and bacon!), and this afternoon she came over and watched my kids so I could go out on a solo run (I have a 4-month old baby and two boys, ages 3 and 5. I homeschool the older boys and my husband works long hours, so going running by myself is a luxury right up there with winning an all-expense paid trip to Maui!). All this to say, Melodie: you’re an absolute rock star. Also, SJMRTT has literally changed my life–it’s given me a home, friendship, and fitness. Wow! … Allison P.


Random thought posts…If you fall hard in the forest, will anyone be around to hear you? YES. There will be a woman standing there with her jaw dropped… and she will have heard the profanities fly out of your mouth. Ouch!Cheryl W.

Some random thoughts during my run today: – it’s windy and cool today – Don’t chase after the HS kid just to see if you can – Why don’t they wear shirts when they run? It’s not like it’s hot ??? – If I wear a smaller flipbelt, will my stomach get smaller?… – Don’t let the stranger on your left pass you! – How did I miscalculate the distance when I know this trail like the back of my hand? – Ugh, I am home already, should I do 1 more or forget it? 11 miles done ( not 12). Happy Friday everyone. … Thuy T.

You are Awesome posts…Saw lots of you at Bay Breeze today! I was volunteering at registration and the timing tent and then was out cheering for awhile at finish chute entrance. You all looked super awesome out there!   … Carole D.

Race Recap posts… Jennifer, Kelly, Aleksandra and I did the Splash and Dash yesterday afternoon. There was a 1/2, 1 and 2 mile swim and a 1 mile swim with a 3 mile run. Swim was great (although I’m afraid of the big orange thingies or anything else in the water), run was tough (holy hill!), and I need to train more, but I’m glad I did it and it was nice to meet Jen and Kelly. Plus there was beer and pizza afterwards! Congrats to Aleks who was 2nd overall in the 1/2 mile swim! I learned that it is impossible to put on a tank with a built in bra when you are still wet, but a nice lady helped me out. And there was really gross green icky stuff on the inside of my suit and all over my body after. Gross!!!!!! Lisa A.

Advice Posts…I have a question I notice when I’m running longer than 8 miles I start to get really hungry what should I carry in my camel back any advice. … Jessica M.

TMI post. But I got a toe nail that is having issues and hurts, it’s just barely hanging on at this point. Wondering from those of you would have lost a toe nail to running do I just let it do its thing or does anyone have a good podiatrists recommendation. … Amy H.

Runs/workout update posts… Some runs are so much better then others. Today’s 6 miles at Lake Almaden reminded me why I love running. This Unhurried Mama is back! .. Katie Y.

A mile and change is better than zero, right? Snuck in a few minutes on the treadmill while my girls had swim practice. My watch and the treadmill never really agree, but I’m happy either way! … Hannah M.

5 miles with this beautiful mamma. So blessed with your friendship Allison! … Melodie C.

Why Run Posts… Our lives are full of life changing events that can threaten to stop us, but the rhythm of running keeps moving us forward one step at a time. … Irma D.

 San Jose,CA Moms RUN This Town members also share running articles, fun running related images & memes, upcoming runs & races, and weekly welcome messages.

Keep it up and feel free to email me at with race reviews, running reflections etc. that you would like to share on the blog. Thanks to all the mamas that have contributed. I truly enjoy and benefit from the running chatter that makes it from the closet of your mind onto the screen!

Run Happy!





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