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Making the time…

on August 20, 2016

Life is so busy and pulls you in so many directions it is easy to feel guilty about taking time to go for a run. Take it from this running mama it is worth the time!  Exercise is not just important for my physical well-being…I find that I’m a better mom, wife, friend, and employee — more energetic, more patient, less stressed, generally just happier — when I make time for running in my life.

When my daughters were little, running was a way to be sure that I got in some much-needed alone time on longer runs and something we could share on shorter runs. Whether they were in the jogger stroller, enjoying time in the park as I ran circles around them, “playing” water station for me or cheering for me at the end of the race I was happy that they were part of my running journey.   It has been and continues to be very important to me to be a role model for them so that they learn the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It makes me happy to see them incorporating exercise and outdoor activities as a part of their “adulting”.

I love it when my daughters start talking about childhood memories that include:

Mom, remember when we ran that 5k and you carried B on your back most of the way?”

“Remember that race when it rained the whole time and we wore trash bags and we got so cold we couldn’t feel our fingers?”

Running also opens the door to experience a special connection with other runners and running communities like MRTT. Words cannot express how important this has been in my life. Running has been a conversation starter on so many occasions. Runners love to talk to runners even if we do not know them. It feels like an automatic kinship is created. Seeing other runners makes me smile and yes I am one of those dorky running mamas that gives a wave, thumbs up, or shout out of encouragement.  For me running has built closer bonds with friends I run with, my husband, and my daughters.

Making the time when there was not time was often my saving grace to hang on to my sanity. Sometimes it is important to just pound the pavement, track or trails and BREATHE!

Now it is a goal, something to reach for and keep me on the road to recovery so that I can experience the feel of the run again. The determination that pushes you to complete 26.2 comes in handy now as I take on rehabilitation from a hip fracture and spinal fusion. Never say Never!

Excuse me now as I make the time for my daily walk to recovery!

Run Smiling!



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