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Daily Struggles of Life Balance

Hello all. I have been MIA for awhile. I took over writing for the MRTT blog from Irma when she was moving as a way to stay connected with MRTT while I was recovering and to develop a new skill. However as I returned to work part-time and continued my rehab I found it difficult to balance all the activities in my daily life. So this blog is one of the things I was juggling that dropped to the floor and has laid there now for several months.

This daily struggle with balancing life is a challenge for many of us. How do you balance? What do you let fall to the floor and lay there for awhile before you pick it up, dust it off and try to add it back into the mix of things you are juggling?

Life truly is a balancing act. There are 24 hours in our day … we can not get more. Each of us has a limit of what we can juggle in our day. This year make it a goal to maintain balance in your daily life. Examine your priorities, have they changed? What can you say “No” to? When things are feeling out of control it is time to stop and take a look at what you are juggling. Do you really need to keep all those balls in the air?  Daily exercise helps me find calm and balance in my life. I know I will be glad that I juggled that ball for the day but it can be an easy one to let drop.

Life feels better when it is in balance. Take a deep breath and focus on your priorities, set boundaries, and decide what balls to juggle today. Here’s to a year of maintaining better balance!


Balance….a precious thing!


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