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Why do I Run….by Alejandra C.

on July 16, 2016

Alejandra has been running since 2011 and she joined MRTT in the spring of 2014. She is a mother of two boys: ages 10 and 6. She works for a local nonprofit that is working on issues around homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Why do you run? I initially began running as a way to keep off some weight and get moving. The sad reality is that high-school P.E. was the last time I had really been active until I started running in my mid-30s. I wanted to start exercising to capitalize on some of the weight-loss I had experienced after nursing my boys. After they had been weaned, I thought if I want to keep this weight off I better start moving! That goal happened to coincide with my sister’s idea to run the Urban Cow 5k in Sacramento. After crossing that finish line for the first time, I was hooked!

How long have you been a runner?  I still feel like a relatively new runner. The first time I stepped on a treadmill was in 2011 and I was running 3 miles.  It was in January 2013, that I reached a new mile-stone of running 6 miles outside when I was training for my first half-marathon.  

Before you leave for a run you must have?  I must have my Garmin (a gift from my husband on our 10th wedding anniversary. He knows the way to my heart!). If it’s a long distance, I must have GU and water. 

Describe your relationship with running in one word? Dependent 

Best run ever?  My first (hopefully, not last) marathon in April 2015 when I ran Big Sur. It was amazing to push through the infamous wall at about mile 22/23 (it is still fuzzy) and come out on the other end.  It is hard to put into words what my legs were experiencing at that point during the marathon, when all I wanted to do was walk. Please, I just want to walk?! It is incredibly empowering to get to the point where it is no longer your legs that are carrying you forward – you are running with your heart and your mind. That is the power of the marathon. If you can commit to the training and enjoy running, I highly recommend that you sign up for a marathon.  

If you could recommend any running related item to a new runner it would be? I would say you must get fitted for shoes!  

When not going on a run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? I don’t 😦 but this is a goal of mine for 2016.  

Worst injury and how you got over it?  Praise the Lord, I haven’t had any injuries. While I was training for my marathon, I did experience some plantar fasciitis. But I changed shoes and my right foot became best friends with a Sponge Bob golf ball. Things have been good in the ‘hood ever since. 

What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to go for a run?  Lately, it has been meeting my friends to go running. They are a great inspiration to go to sleep early (I don’t want to miss the alarm) and meet for a run before the sun even rises. That is the funny thing about running it has brought about many life-changing habits. Years ago if you had told me that I would no longer be sleeping in on Saturdays (as much as a mom can sleep in anyway) or that I would be setting my alarm to wake me up a time that starts with a 4 – I would have called you crazy!  

When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting?  During a race, it’s the desire to set a new PR.

My favorite thing about running? Oh, there are so many things to love about running. I could write an entire blog post on this topic alone.  Running has taught me that age really is just a number because I am running distances now that I would have laughed at as a teenager. You want me to run how many miles?!  I love the joy that it has brought to my life now that exercise is a part of my life-style. Better late than never, but I do wish I had discovered the benefits of running when I was a brand new mom.  Exercise would have helped me tremendously during those early years. Last but not least, I love the new friendships it has brought to my life through MRTT.  It has been such a gift to meet other moms who share my love for running!  

I felt most like a BadA$$ Mother Runner when? I finished my first marathon at Big Sur in April 2015.

Do you use a Garmin or have a favorite App to track your runs? I use a Garmin watch and I’m also on Runkeeper.  

Favorite brand of running shoes?  Right now I am really loving my Adidas Ultra Boost. They feel really light and it almost feels like you’re wearing socks with great soles, of course.

Favorite races?  The Santa Cruz Half-Marathon is one of my favorites because it was my first half-marathon in 2013.  I ran this race with a group from my church as a way to raise funds for a church we’re working with in Nicaragua. I returned to this race in 2014 to accompany my hubby on his first half-marathon.  

Do you have a running idol?  Nadia Ruiz is pretty amazing and I was so excited to meet her at the SJ Rock ‘n’ Roll expo last year! She’s the youngest Latina to have reached the distinction of running 100 marathons. She inspired me to start my own wall of race bibs 🙂 .

If you gave someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?  Start!

Running goals for 2016? I would like to begin lifting weights and cross-training. I hope that saying it here helps keep me accountable. God willing, I’ll also be completing my 2nd half-marathon in New York City!  I am beyond excited to have gotten into this marathon through the lottery.

What do you love about MRTT?  I love the encouragement and inspiration from the other mamas. I feel quite blessed to have found this group.  I find it inspiring to see the posts from other moms that are also getting out there.  I have made some dear friends through this group that have introduced me to new wonderful trails and got me to sign up for my very first trail half-marathon at Summit Rock. I continue to meet fabulous mamas!  

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