Moms RUN San Jose

For Moms who run, by Moms who run…Moms RUN this Town!

Moms who RUN San Jose

The women in the San Jose Chapter of Moms RUN this Town are incredible and inspiring!  Some work exclusively in the home, while others work in and out of the home .  All take care of their families’ physical (making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning house, scooper-pooper duty, etc.), mental (academic/school, extracurricular activities, stimulating conversations, etc.), emotional (kissing booboos, really listening to the answer to the question of “how was your day?”) and social needs (scheduling play dates, getting birthday cards for in-laws, Ok’ing “Boys’ Poker night” and not feeling (that) guilty about MNOs for themselves).  And they all make the time to run/walk/workout. If you look at their schedules, you would be amazed at how much they can squeeze into a 24-hour day!  They even make time to write up race reviews and other articles for our blog.

These are the Moms who RUN San Jose.


One response to “Moms who RUN San Jose

  1. Ken Howell says:

    Hi Junella,
    I am one of the Race Directors for the Henry Coe 5K/10K Fun Run and Walk which is held in the Hunting Hollow section of Henry Coe State Park. A couple of years ago, members from Moms Run ran in my event. When they did, there was a $5 discount on the entry fee which is still apart of the event registration. Would you know if the Moms Run might be interested in running as a team again this year. This event is a trail run and if the rains continue, you would have creeks to splash through during the run. I am currently updating the website and would like to keep your discount available.

    Ken Howell

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