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on March 18, 2016

Seriously, how long has it been since I’ve last blogged here? OK…don’t answer that…my 2015 WordPress stats were abysmal…what happened?? Well, besides having  baby and adjusting to having 4 kids (“what’s 1 more?” they said, “it’s not a big deal!” they said…all LIES!!)….life happened….

What didn’t happen for me was running….honestly, I’ve been on hiatus since after the San Jose Rock n Roll.  It’s only because I have the Big Sur Marathon in April that I am forcing myself to leave the comfort of my nursing chair to get in some miles. Does it scare me that I haven’t kept up with training for one of the most spectacular marathons on the planet? Yes!!  Am I worried that I won’t complete the marathon in the 6 hour time limit? Yes!! Will that stop me from doing the race anyway? Ye….I mean, NO!!!

Of course, not!!

Running is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport.  And it is also a social sport! Thank goodness for the wonderful mother runners in the San Jose Chapter of Moms RUN this Town (MRTT)!! Without them, I would not have made it out as much as I have the past few months.

We had our National MRTT Winter Virtual Run  few weeks ago.  The theme was “Back to Basics” so we had our Winter Virtual 2016 start and end at my humble abode with a potluck and BBQ. At the very first SJ-MRTT Virtual run in 2012, there was just me and one other mother runner – so having our families for a BBQ was no big deal.  This year, we had 22 moms and their families doing the run…a much bigger deal than 4 years ago (we had to use the front and the back yards for festivities)!

Virtual 408k pics.001

WOW!!  That is 11 times more participants than we had at our first virtual!

A few weeks later, our mother runners also took over the 408K Race through the lovely streets of San Jose.

Virtual 408k pics.002

WOW again!!  Look at all those beautiful faces!!  Did I tell you how much our chapter ROCKS!! I am inspired every day to put on my running shoes just because I know another mom is doing the same thing.

And that’s the beauty of having a running group with people who “get you” yet keep you accountable!

As 2016 continues, changes for me also continue.  My family will be relocating in a few months and I will be leaving my beloved chapter…the chapter that I birthed 4 years ago…that I’ve watched grow from 10 members to over 1000 members. Wow is right.

With that in mind, one of our lovely mother runners will be taking over the blog while I transition our of my role as Chapter Leader.  Julie is currently recuperating and offered to take over the blog to keep her busy since she has to take a break from running.  That’s a TRUE mother runner – if you can’t run, you might as well blog about running!!

I’ll let Julie fill you in on her life….needless to say, she ROCKS and will regale you with much more interesting posts about our wonderful chapter.

This won’t be my last post here…so no weepy reminiscing or goodbyes that sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech…yet!!




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