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3 months…seriously???

on April 24, 2014

My last post was January…when I was full of energy and enthusiasm for a new year and new start….<sigh> Short-lived!!

It’s like dieting…except everyone gets a notification when you decide to eat a whole pizza pie with a diet coke and then it gets posted on Facebook as your status….

pizza not exercise blog pic


I have been exercising though..well, running, at least! I have the Big Sur 21-miler this weekend.  I didn’t really follow a training plan, but I did get in two 18-mile runs in the past month.  This will be my longest run to date and will probably be a good indication of how I will do in my marathon.

As far as long distance runs go, I am definitely a newbie.  I much prefer 5Ks and 10Ks and have limited my half-marathon races to just one a year.  Thirteen miles is pretty far and the thought of going farther than that just seemed ridiculous in my mind.  Seriously? Thirteen miles is FAR!!!

But after doing a few half-marathons, that thought comes in…well, what’s a few more miles? Another hour or so of running? It can’t be that bad…

Oh, but it can be…

The first time I ran 14 miles, it was so sad! Like watching those stop animal cruelty videos featuring Sarah McLauchlan over and over again for a 20 min 1 mile run….I ran 13 miles with a few friends from my moms running group (moms RUN this town) and then one friend stayed with me while I ran the last mile on the track. My head wasn’t in it…I didn’t want to run over 13 miles….I didn’t want to do it…what would that mean in my life if I could…if I did…I didn’t think I could do it.

And then it was done….

And I was OK – legs were sore, I felt a cramp coming on, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I AM ABLE to run over 13 miles!!  And then, I wanted to to do more.

So my first 18-miler was actually pretty good…despite cramping on the last mile, I felt ACCOMPLISHED! So when the opportunity came up to run another 18 miles, I was said, “Sure!” just to make sure I could really do.  Of course, I did these long distances with some of the best mother runners in San Jose.  The conversations and encouragement were definitely instrumental in getting me through the miles.

Now, I am a few days away from running 21 miles…I am pretty sure I can do it. And if I can run 21 miles, what’s another 5.2 more in a few months?

Oh, did I mention this race is in HILLY Big Sur???

big sur IM button


One response to “3 months…seriously???

  1. Lola says:

    Go Irma go go… So proud of your accomplishment. You can do it

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