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It’s been so long…I can’t even think of a good title….

on January 5, 2014

Hello and Welcome to the 1st blog post of 2014!!

Are you still out there, oh, loyal followers?  I hope so!

It’s been 9 months since I had my 3rd child and 9 months since the San Jose Chapter of MRTT celebrated it’s 1 year birthday (yeah, I timed it that way!  =) And I gave myself 9 months to get “adjusted” to life as a mom of 3…well,the time has come so I am BACK!!

But changed…being a mom of 3 is definitely harder than being a mom of 2…don’t let your friends fool you! They say the transition from 1 to 2 is the most difficult but I beg to differ. I’ve definitely had to rearrange priorities to accommodate having two school age children and an infant.  And yes, the baby does just go everywhere – ballet class, gymnastics class, piano class, art class – and he probably doesn’t get as much floor time or reading time as my older kids, but I like to think he is still learning things and having fun.

I’ve been back to running since I was about 3 months postpartum due to having a c-section.  But even that hasn’t been the same. I’ve run a few 5Ks , did the Title 9K again (great race!) and did the Mermaid Serena 10-miler.  I even did the Warrior Dash again! However my “Inner Competitor” seems to be missing.  All those races I did “just because” – just because a bunch of my lovely running mamas were also running it, just because I had committed to it last year, just because the price was right to do a race I hadn’t done before.

But I haven’t felt the need improve my speed or increase my distance.  With all the hormone changes that comes with pregnancy, not to mention all the stress of daily life, running has been enjoyable but not FUN!!  Like life with 3 kids – enjoyable but not FUN!!  It’s become something I “have” to do. And yes, when I do it, I like it.  But if it wasn’t for my Moms RUN this Town group, I wouldn’t have run as many miles as I have postpartum.

Now some of you might say, “That’s OK! Just enjoy the run!”  You are probably the same people who say, “Don’t worry about the dishes or laundry! Just enjoy the time you  have with your kids!”  And while I do feel/think this way for the most part, I also know that the dishes need to get washed and the laundry needs to be done – it’s hard to enjoy your kids when they don’t have any underwear….

So, with 2014 already underway, I am on a quest to find my Inner Competitor…not because I am a competitive person, but because I want to my “drive” back!  I want to find that passion that I had when I first started running.  So with that being said….

I signed up for a marathon!!  Oh yes…I am BACK!!!

How true! Now to figure out that name of this little baby….

How true! Now to figure out that name of this little baby….


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