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Running MAD…The Right Way

on July 30, 2013

Summers can be hectic and this summer was no different for our moms at the San Jose Chapter of Moms RUN this Town.  Our race calendar has been full with several of our moms doing local races as well as larger races like Ragnar.  Our chapter has also grown to over 230 mother runners!!  WOOHOO!!!

Two weeks ago, we had  25 running mamas participate in MRTT’s 2nd Annual Summer virtual race, RUNNING MAD!  We had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme for this race and let me tell you our mamas are MAD about running!  We were originally going to have a 6 AM start for the half-marathon runners to beat the heat, but these mamas then requested (that’s right, they ASKED for it!) to start at 5:30 instead!!  CRAZY MOTHER RUNNERS!!!  Here they are at the start…

Running before the sun rises doesn't phase these Crazy Awesome Mother Runners!

Running before the sun rises doesn’t phase these Crazy Awesome Mother Runners!

Our 10K and 5K runners started at a more reasonable 7 AM.

We're ready to run this MAD Race!!

We’re ready to run this MAD Race!!

Some of our moms brought their kids with them (older kids as well as the little ones in the strollers).  Some of our moms ran for time and some enjoyed a lovely early morning walk with some great swag at the end!

Mad Swag!!

Mad Swag!!  We had a medal, a koozie, and a Running Mad for Boston bracelet. Not shown are the nail polish, Burt’s Bees lip gloss and lip balm, various yummy energy bar samples, a hair tie and other little treats!


We all enjoyed some post race refreshments at the end.  We had some lovely mamas who came to cheer us on and who brought yummies to enjoy as well.  If there is a reason to wake up early and run, these mamas are IT!!

This past Friday, we also hosted a running form clinic at a local running store, Running Revolution.  The clinic was sponsored by Newton Shoes.  Brad from Newton Shoes explained to us as well as showed us how the correct running form can really improve your ability to run longer and faster.  I definitely learned a lot!  Some of the drills were funny but when done right, you can really tell the difference.

So, "left, right, left, right" and not "right, left, right, left"? =)

So, “left, right, left, right” and not “right, left, right, left”? =)

High knee drill – I’ve only seen this done in the movies….

No, we are not doing the Sloppy Swish dance from SNL…it’s a running drill!!(

Yes, mother runners know how to have fun on a Friday night!!  Raffles and refreshments ended this clinic on a high note (and by “high”, I mean “great” – we’re not “those” kind of moms!).

Our fall race calendar is getting full and there are still some great races to be done in August!

On a personal note, I have just started back to running after having my babe in April.  Yes – it was a long hiatus and I am paying dearly for it, but I have enjoyed sleeping in and nursing these past few months.  After a few “false starts”, I feel I am back in the game and my mind is set that I am getting back into my usual running routine.  I have a few races scheduled for this fall – the Title 9K, SJ RnR, the Mermaid 10-miler in SF – so I need to get to running!





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