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15 Minutes

on March 29, 2013

I LOVE when people I know get their “15 minute of fame”.

Check out this article about one of the mamas in our MRTT group:

Meet Karla from

Karla says she isn’t a “runner” but she definitely has a runner’s mentality! I love how she makes time to work out whether it’s popping in a workout video at home while her kids play or meeting some of us MRTT moms for a power walk at mall.  Karla was working out up until the day before her baby was due – yes, she is a “super mom”!!!

And this TV news article is from one of our MRTT chapters in Minnesota.  We are up to a 510 chapters nationwide and in Canada!!  Yes – MRTT is “international”.

Champlin/Maple Grove Chapter of “Moms Run This Town” on Channel 12 news

When is the SJ chapter going to get their 15 minutes?….oh, soon…very soon…..

The future is close at hand....

The future is close at hand….

In the meantime, check out one of my favorite blogs, Bucket List Productions and VOTE for Leslie to win her “Trip of a Lifetime”.  Leslie is another inspirational mama – yes, I live vicariously through her…


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