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Running…it’s a “Girl” thing…Race Reviews for the Hellyer HM/10K/5K and the JUGS Virtual 10K

on March 21, 2013

I know it’s more than a “girl” thing – and fact is, we’re not “girls” here – we are women, mothers, wives/partners/lovers, sisters, daughters, friends, workers, advocators…the list can go on of all the different “hats” we wear every day of our lives being female in this world.

But one of the things that I LOVE about being part of the running community and being female is the connection you feel to others- whether you know them personally or not.  The simple fact that you have run a mile or 2 or 13.1 or 26.2 with another person creates a bond that usually lasts longer than the run.  The added bonus of being female enhances that connection since (I believe) most women live in relation to others.

In the past two weeks, the women of the SJ-MRTT have run several races that have proven once again that moms DO RUN this town!!  And we run it, not just for ourselves but to honor others as well.


On March 2, we had moms running the Hellyer Half Marathon/10K/5K; the Kings Mountain Trail Race and the SF Color Run.  That’s right – 3 races in one day and our moms were there!!!  I went to the Helllyer Race which was a lot of fun (even though I didn’t run it).  I did hear from our other mamas that the Kings Trail Race and the SF Color Run were a blast!!

The Hellyer Half Marathon/10K/5K is part of the Brazen Racing Race series.  They really put on a well organized race that is walker and hiker friendly.  This race was lead by a bunny on a bike – I guess the premise is that the runners are a pack of dogs chasing the cute little rabbit.

Yeah, I know this is the 2011 medal, but the premise is still the same....

Yeah, I know this is the 2011 medal, but the premise is still the same….

While I am not a proponent of this (poor bunny!), I did really like the scenic route, the food and the fun atmosphere at this race.  We had 4 mamas running this race and they all had great time!

Moms RUN Hellyer!

Moms RUN Hellyer!

Hellyer Ann E Hellyer Ann E 2 Hellyer Atsuko and Pat


On Sunday, March 3, we also did a virtual 10K for JUGS which stands for Just Us Girls Sharing, a non-profit from Walla Walla, WA who help give financial support to people who are undergoing cancer treatment.  One of our members was being honored by JUGS.  She’s undergone 3 battles with cancer and is currently in treatment again.

So, if she (and countless others) can go through chemo and radiation and still run…then so can we!!  I am always so amazed and humbled at how strong our bodies (and minds) are.  And how hard we can push ourselves – whether it’s running or staying up late with a sick child or having enough patience to not yell when they spill the milk – AGAIN.

We had 6 mamas running this virtual 10K and a lovely day to go along with our lovely run.

JUGS Janice JUGS Virtual 10K post3Mar13

Will run for JUGS!  Boo to cancer!!

Will run for JUGS! Boo to cancer!!

And to top it all off, check out this great BLING!! It’s so unique and fabulous! It’s a necklace and you can interchange the setting inside.  How cool is that??

Yes, one of the reasons why I run is for the BLING!!

Yes, one of the reasons why I run is for the BLING!!

But wait there’s more….our mamas have been busy so look out for MORE race reviews….


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