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D is for DIVA!!

on February 28, 2013
diva  From The Urban Dictionary
A diva is a female performer, usually an opera singer, who is extremely talented but very imperious and tempermental. But the distinguishing factor is that her talent permits somewhat uncouth behaviour. A diva is not necessarily difficult to work with, she is just very professional and and has a low tolerance for incompetence. A diva is NOT just some no-talent pop singer who thinks everyone should acquiesce to her every whim, or even worse, some woman who is unecessarily rude, mean, bitchy, and often stupid just because she “knows what she wants” and revels in being high maitenance. These woman do not deserve the title of diva, because they have no redeeming talent or quality. They are simply loud and oboxious bitches. True divas should be treated with respect for their enormous talent and strong will.

That definition is actually the 4th one in the Urban Dictionary as the 1st three definitions were not that flattering to women, but I think it is the most accurate.  Women who are true divas “earn” that title – yes, we have high standards and demands, but we are worth it!!

And yes, I said “WE” because I think all women should have a little bit of diva in them. That star performer quality that says, “Hey, I know my worth and I want to make sure YOU know it too!”

Hence, my EXCITEMENT in partnering with the Divas Half Marathon and 5K Race Series.  The Divas Half Marathon and 5K in San Francisco is scheduled for May 5th, 2013.  This race has EVERYTHING a diva could want:

  • A spinning, blinged out medal that you can put your photo in.
  • Feather boas, tiaras, roses and bubbly – oh my!
  • A women’s tech shirt and personalized bib
  • A course with great views and a 3.5 hour time limit (perfect for walkers)
  • Post Race Pool Par-tay!!

Oh – and did I mention the support and running love of about 6000 other women running the race not to mention the spectators?



I haven’t done a Divas race before but our friends over at Big Girls Run 2 did the one in Puerto Rico and had an awesome time! Check out their review here.  And we have some moms from our Moms RUN this Town chapter who ran the Divas last year and LOVED it!!

Will you let your Inner Diva come out and run this race? You know she deserves the recognition of her talent and hard work.  You know she deserves boas and tiaras and roses for running 13.1 or 3.2 miles.

I think there should be a special urban definition for a Running Diva.  Here’s mine:

  • A RUNNING DIVA is a female athlete who knows that a mile is a mile no matter how fast she runs it; who believes that running makes her better at all the different roles she has in her life (mother, partner, worker, friend); who incorporates running (or other workouts) into her weekly routines because she knows that she needs and deserves that time for herself; who encourages others to live a healthy lifestyle through her example.  A running diva celebrates her running accomplishments – whether it was getting out for a run despite being tired from staying up late with a sick kid, finishing a 5K or marathon, joining a running group despite being afraid of being the slowest or the only one doing a run/walk – by setting her next running goal.  A running diva is particular about what running clothes and shoes she wears and usually stays loyal to the brand that works for her.  A running diva also knows that her best running accessory is a tiara and a Moms RUN this Town Bondi Band. True Running Divas should be treated with respect and admiration for their enormous persistence, stamina, and commitment to running, their families/jobs and themselves.

What else would you add?

Which tiara should I wear for my run today??

Which tiara should I wear for my run today??

Tiara headsweats 1


Join us and be a part of the largest women’s half marathon series in the US! Running, flowers, boas, tiaras and bubbly!  What more could a DIVA ask for!

Get glam at one of Divas races while enjoying a great run in some of the country’s best vacation destinations: SoCal, CA, Long Island, NY, San Juan, PR, San Francisco Bay, CA, DC’s Wine Country, VA, and North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Visit for more information.


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    The award is given to small bloggers with less than 200 followers. I enjoy reading your blog and really wanted to pass this along to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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