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It’s the end of the world as we know it….

on December 20, 2012

And I feel fine….(REM, “It’s the End of the World”)

It is officially midnight on 12/21/12 EST…and nothing has happened…yet…

While I don’t think the entire world is going to blow-up today, I do know that feeling of the world changing around you and feeling overwhelmed by it – of realizing that the world, as I knew it, is no more.

This has happened a few times in my life.

Some were like that rogue wave in “A Perfect Storm”, engulfing and obliterating me. Like after the death of my daughter and son, twins born at 22 weeks; beautiful children born too early who couldn’t breathe on their own due to their premature lungs.

Some were more like an epiphany that changed how I saw myself, my life. Like the first time I was able to run for 5 miles without stopping and actually enjoying the run.  It was the first time that I told people, “Yeah, I went for a run today”. The first time someone called me a “runner”.

I think being a runner is a good way to prepare for end of the world – especially if the end of the world involves a zombie invasion.  (Don’t believe me – check out this article from  Yeah, I know – I didn’t realize there was even such a site as this until I googled it for this blog!!)

I know being a runner helped me to get through the death of my kids.  Being a runner also helped me to rebuild my life after moving across the country (thanks, Moms RUN this Town! Don’t believe me – check out this article from Timeout with T9)

So, whatever this day brings, I know that I will eventually lace up my sneakers and make my way outside for a run. It might be a run through the ruins of my part of the world, or to search for food, or to elude the zombies that have made their way into my house.

Or (hopefully, most likely) it would be a slow, thoughtful, grateful run for all the things that have happened in my life to get me to the place I am at this moment in time.


4 responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it….

  1. Cin says:

    I’m happy to know you, Irma. You inspire me– to run and to appreciate life. Happy holidays to you and your family! Hope we catch more runs together in 2013!

    • sanjosemrtt says:

      I am so glad to have you met you, Cindie! You are definitely one of the people who have helped me adjust to SJ. Hope you’re having fun on your trip and we will definitely run together in 2013.

  2. Mr. Antonn says:

    Definitely nice to see the world in one piece so far. I’m sorry to hear about your kids. It’s amazing that you found something in running that helped you in that hard time. You’re a great inspiration to persevere on in life. Thanks for sharing, Irma!

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