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Blame it on rain…yeah, yeah….

on December 1, 2012

(Ok – for those of you who are not Children of the 80s, it’s lyrics from a Milli Vanilli song.)

It has been raining here in SJ, pretty steadily since Wednesday.  So, what does that mean?

Water to make our brown hills green? Yes!

The beginning of California’s version of “winter”? Yes!

This mama running her usual weekly mileage? Heck no!

No running in the rain for me!  Last time, I went running in the rain, I ended up with chafing so bad that I swore, I would never run in the rain unless it started to rain after I started to run.  And if that happened, I would promptly end my run, look for cover and call for a ride home.

Can you tell I am not that hard-core?

It looks like it's all fun and games splashing in the rain but try running 5+ miles in it...

It looks like it’s all fun and games splashing in the rain but try running 5+ miles in it…

Yes, I know, I have some of you fooled (or at least I like to think I do), but since becoming a mom, I find it somewhat difficult to be “hard-core” about anything.

Now, I know there are moms out there who are hard-core runners.  These moms get up at 4 AM, rain or shine, to run their 5-10-15 miles before their family wakes up.  These moms bring their running gear on vacation.  These moms run an 8 minute mile…with the double jogger.  I know some of these moms and they totally AMAZE and INSPIRE me.

But, I’ve come to accept that I am not that type of mother runner.  Yes – I have brought my running gear on vacation, but they have usually stayed in my luggage.  I’ve even been up in the wee hours of the morning to run, but that’s like a once a week thing (although my record for early morning runs was 3 in the same week. I did feel like a hard-core runner that week, then realized that some people might not consider 6:30 as a “wee hour of the morning”).

I love to run, but I love other things more.  Like sleeping in. Or spending time with my family. Or chocolate. Or staying dry, watching the rain fall against the window while sipping a warm cup of strawberry tea.

But what about the treadmill, you ask?  Good question!!

Did I tell you about that beautiful rainbow I saw?

Somewhere over the rainbow, there's a treadmill waiting for me...

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a treadmill waiting for me…




4 responses to “Blame it on rain…yeah, yeah….

  1. Mr. Antonn says:

    You are hard-core in your own way Irma! You have a great mind set about having compassion for yourself and making running be about the experience not what you can show for it 🙂

    • sanjosemrtt says:

      Awwww! Thanks for the kind words, Mr. A! I think that self-compassion comes from doing yoga. Do you think that makes a difference in your running mind-set?

      • Mr. Antonn says:

        I definitely think yoga compliments a runners mind-set. Yoga helps you to be aware and appreciate yourself as a runner and running in nature (really yoga sounding lol). You can push yourself, be proud of your accomplishments, but at the same time not be too down on yourself when the run doesn’t go the way you want. The foundation is definitely from doing difficult positions, finding yourself in poses you never thought you could be in, or even taking a break in child’s pose when necessary.

        Keep it up Irma! Love all the post 🙂

  2. atsuko says:

    haha nice post.

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