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on November 14, 2012

Yes, yes, yes – a new post has been long overdue, but now that I am back on track with my running (more or less) other things seem to just fall back into place.

So – here’s a heads up of what you guys can expect in the next few weeks:

  1. Tons of race reviews!! Ok – maybe only 3-4, but our Moms RUN this Town group has totally grown and we have a lot of new women who are running races almost every weekend!  We have a Tough Mudder, a few Warriors and at least two Half Fanatics.  Yes – we are moms and we ROCK!!
  2. Tons of trail reviews!! OK – like 2, but it’s always nice to find some new places to get a workout in or be reminded of a place that you might not have been for a while.
  3. More blog posts – I have definitely been slacking in the writing department, but not in the thinking department! I do my best thinking on my runs, so getting back on a regular workout schedule means more stuff that to write about!

Exciting stuff!! OK – not as exciting as the new Twilight movie coming out this weekend.   But aren’t you guys going to look forward to coming back and reading this blog again?


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