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It’s not a tumor!

on October 17, 2012

I’ve always loved that line from “Kindergarten Cop” said in typical Arnold Schwarzenegger fashion.

I’ve come to appreciate it more now as a mom.  We’ve all had one (or more) of those headache-y days!

So, I’ve been MIA.  It’s not a tumor, but for a runner and mother, it might be considered something much worse.

It’s the “post race slump” (hereinafter referred to as “PRS”) – you know, that time after a race, where you feel totally unmotivated to run.  And unmotivated to do anything else for that matter – like laundry or making dinner.

Maybe it’s just me, but…

I’m in it…deep…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  And I finished in great time (only 4 minutes off my goal off 2:30, even with a 1 minute walk at every mile)!  But since then I’ve only run 8 miles (2 -4 mile runs).

Those runs were last week when I felt like I was still recovering from the race and enjoying some low mileage easy runs. I took a break from my usual routine of cleaning/laundry for the week as a “reward to myself” for running a half marathon.  I made easy dinners as part of that reward (you know, the kind using “phone and delivery helper” – kind of like “hamburger helper” but without the cooking).

Also, you may recall that the few weeks prior to the race was difficult for me after my “Week of Gluttony” and then trying to “cram” two weeks of training into one.  Now, that I have accomplished my goal, I feel as if I am entering the “Week of Sloth”.  Without a race to train for, I feel all my energy and motivation have gone.  It’s like reaching the top of a mountain and not even having the energy to roll back down the other side or even stand there and enjoy the view.

True, I have the Nor-Cal Warrior Dash at the end of the month.  And I did sign up for it because

(1) I haven’t done an obstacle course mud run before

(2) I heard it was a lot of fun AND you get a cool Viking Helmet AND it’s for St. Jude hospital

(3) Did I mention the furry Viking hat with HORNS?

(4) I knew that if I didn’t have another race, I would get the PRS

However, a mud run, doesn’t have the same training requirements as a half marathon does.  OK – the obstacles do look tough, but hey – I ran 13.1 miles, I can crawl under barbed wire, no problem!

Maybe it’s because doing laundry, making spaghetti and refereeing between a 2 and a 4 year old doesn’t give the same adrenalin boast as running does.

Being a mom does require mental toughness and physical endurance, but it’s on-going and seemingly, never ending.  Completing a race gives that sense of accomplishment – once you cross the finish line and check you time, you are done.  You can rest.

There is no mom finish line. There is never a time when you are “done”.  There is no “rest”.

Maybe PRS exists for me because having a “post mom slump” isn’t an option.  Maybe my body is tired and telling me I deserve to take a break. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to sit on my butt and eat Beard Papa cream puffs.

Whatever it is – I hope it ends soon.  I actually like running and being active and having energy. I like making home-cooked meals and having clean clothes.  I like playing football-tea party-dress up-school with my kids.

Any suggestions for a cure? ‘Cuz these Beard Papa cream puffs are totally not the cure-all I thought they would be.


2 responses to “It’s not a tumor!

  1. kc says:

    maybe try changing up your routine and doing something different? or signing up for another race so you have a goal? i was exercising consistently for a month straight and then i just lost motivation (not getting any results!).

    i had a week where i just didn’t do $hit and just ate whatever. i just felt so blah… after the week, i started doing new work outs and feel better. i don’t have that dread anymore.

    maybe you can take a new class at the gym? you’ll need some muscles to get you through the mud run! lol…

    oh and i compensate from the mom slumps with starbucks and milk tea. maybe that’s why the fat isn’t going away!

    • sanjosemrtt says:

      Thanks for the advice, Karla. I was thinking of doing some yoga and maybe a group class. I haven’t been to the gym in ages since I started running so maybe a change in my routine would help me get out of this slump. I’ve already tried the starbucks, but not the milk tea…maybe need to add that to my beard papa regiment! =)

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