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The San Jose Color Run 2012 – Race Review

on September 7, 2012

One of the things I love about running is how you can involve your entire family.  Junella, mom extraordinaire of 4 and training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October, did the Color Run in San Francisco with her family (the day before she PR’d at the 10K Jungle Run – that race review coming next).  Want to encourage your kids to run and stay physically fit? Check out our kids’ virtual race at Kids RUN this Town. Or just show them these great photos! Gives a totally new meaning to “fun run”!

This is Junella’s race review (as told to me via email interview).  To find out more about Junella, check out the “Moms who RUN San Jose” page.


MRTT: Tell us the basics about the race.

Junella: The Color Run 5K- July 14, 2012. Route: Candlestick park.  Flat terrain that ran around the 49ers stadium (parking lot). Registration was $35 and went up to $55 after they opened a 2nd wave. We did the 8am wave.  There was also a 1pm wave. I don’t know how many people were there but it was fairly large. I know they sold out quickly. When I bought it on the first day it sold out in a few hours.

MRTT:  What made you decide to do the Color Run?

Junella: Anything that looks like fun, I’ll do!!!!!  Especially getting dirty 🙂  This was the 1st time I’ve run it.  My whole family ran. (Or rather socialized and slowly walked through the “dusting” to get as dirty as we could).  We were joined by 2 other families from my children’s school.  They had 6 year olds and 8 year olds.  There were 18 of us total.

MRTT: Did you do anything special to prepare for it?

Junella: No preparation needed.   We planned to walk it since we had a 10K the following day.   We only had to make sure we were wearing white.:)

pic from Junella 7/2012

Minty fresh!
Junella and family before the Color Run.

MRTT:  What was your favorite aspect of the walk? What was your least favorite?

Junella:  Favorite part was getting DIRTY/COLORED!!!  I’m so into that kind of stuff and so were my family.  We were really looking forward to this one.

MRTT:  What was your least favorite?

Junella: It was too short.  🙂  We honestly all wanted to get more dirty.

pic from Junella 7/12

More dirty? Did you say “more dirty”? Not sure that’s possible, Junella….=)

MRTT: Did you think the walk was well organized?

Junella:  Yes!   Especially loved all the free samples and music/party at the finish.  Bib pick up was fast and quick.  Only unfortunate thing was that it was in SF Sports Basement.  Would have loved a South Bay option.  They had 1 water station and NO marked miles (I don’t think people cared).  The atmosphere was FUN, not RUN. 🙂

MRTT:  Was there any “swag” (i.e. free stuff) for the walk?

Junella:  Great goodies!  T-shirt. Woman’s Brooks tech shirt (had to be picked up @ Hillsdale Mall), free bag of color, tattoos, sweatband.  You could buy additional swag at bib pick up.  Well priced too!  Kids shirts $10, $1 for silicon wristbands.  Free samples at the end: kombucha (I think) a fermented tea drink, coconut water, pop chips, slurpees, and fuze.  Some great stuff!

MRTT: Would you do the Jungle Run again?

Junella: YES!  We all can’t wait.

pic from Junella 7/12

“Yeah, Mom, we can’t wait until next year! “
Great action shot!

MRTT: Would you recommend this race to others?

Junella:  YES!!!  Many people who saw our pictures wish they had joined us (same effect I had for the Warrior dash).  So I’m going to pull together more families for next year.   If they keep early registration to $35 then it is definitely worth the $$$.  I’m not sure if I would be happy to pay for my whole family if I had to pay the $50.  I would definitely be on the hunt for some kind of discount code!!

MRTT: Do you want to share how long it took you to finish?

Junella:  Honestly, I don’t know.  I think it took us a little over an hour.  We hung out at all the color stations.

MRTT: Any other stories you want to share about this race?  What about the clean up?

Junella: There are  quite a few from here!
a.  Contacts were dry from the dust.  I couldn’t take it so I was about to threw it on the ground.  Husband saw me and said, “No way!”, that I should save it because he knew that I would later complain of being one-eyed.  He said to pick it back up and stick it in my mouth.  It sounded gross, but if you saw how dirty we were and how much was already going in my mouth and eyes.  It was no biggie!   In the end, no more dry eyes 🙂
b.  The blue color was a fun group of volunteers who were throwing the dye.  We called it, “Smurf Land”.  I have a picture of my son with one of the bluest guys there and my friend who’s teeth were all blue.  🙂
c.  Orange had a lot of dust too.  There was so much on the ground that my kids were making dust angels.  Pictures made it look like we were in the dessert.
d.  The Clean up.  OH MY!!!  We went to eat afterwards (no cleaning up).  It was really fun to see all the color in everyone’s ears, nose, hair, and underarms.  Haha!  Many of us shared the colorful baths we all took.  The kids LOVED their rainbow showers.  I have a pic of the bathtub when I soaked our clothes.  It was ORANGE.

pic from Junella 7/12

Tickled pink and purple and orange! Great smiles after the Color Run but before the “orange bathtub” incident…


Looking for another color-filled race? While the next Color Run 5K won’t be coming back to San Francisco until July 2012,  there is the Color Me Rad 5K on Saturday, September 1st at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  Same concept – different name.  Another of our lovely members did that run as well! We’ll post her review here (after she gets back from a well deserve vacation).  In the meantime, you can check out fellow blogger, Brittany’s post about the race on Live.Learn.Love.


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