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Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2012 – Race Review

on August 18, 2012

It’s not really a “race”, but the San Francisco 2-Day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (July 7-8, 2012) is certainly a worthy enough cause to be featured in our race reviews.  Our very own, Alison S., from the San Jose Chapter of Moms RUN this Town, did the walk this year.  This is her race review (as told to me via email interview).  To find out more about Ali, check out the “Moms who RUN San Jose” page.


MRTT: Tell us the basics about the race.

Ali: I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2-Day. I believe there were around 3,000 walkers (give or take). It is a 39.3 mile walk through San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the North Bay. Day one of the walked kicked off at Fort Mason. We walked down the Embarcadero, through the financial district, through China Town, up into Pacific Heights, down past the Palace of Fine Arts, through Chrissy Field, over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, into Mill Valley and into Corte Madera. Day 2 was from Corte Madera, back the same way, over the Golden Gate and the directly back to Fort Mason

MRTT:  What made you decide to do the walk?

Ali: Back in March, a girlfriend of mine asked me if I wanted to walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. She and a few other friends had formed a team – Team Hooter Helpers. Since I have personally been touched by breast cancer (Mom is a 17 year survivor), it seemed impossible to say no.

Pic from Ali S., July 2012

Team Hooter Helpers – ready for action!!
What a great view!
(Yes, we’re talking about the bridge and the fog…but the ladies also ROCK!!)

MRTT: How did you prepare for the walk? Was it hard to raise money?

Ali: On average, I did 4-5 training walks a week, sometimes more. I walked 20-30 miles/week. We did a few endurance walks, but I think we probably could have done more. Fortunately other than a vacation, I didn’t have any training set backs.  There was a minimum donation of $1800. We did a number of fundraising events, such as dinner at Aqui’s and Sweet Tomatoes (where a portion of the proceeds were donated to the walk), a bunco fundraiser and letters and emails to our friends, family, colleagues, etc. begging for donations.

MRTT:  What was your favorite aspect of the walk? What was your least favorite?

Ali: Overall, the walk was an amazing experience. The enthusiasm everyone was emitting, was infectious! Over the entire course there were hundreds of people cheering for us, handing out candy, beaded necklaces, fruit, etc. There was a motorcycle crew that directed us where to go – of course, they were all decked out in pink and sparkles and decorated bras (even the men). There were several sweep teams that came around in decorated vans (hookers for hooters was my absolute favorite!!!) to pick up anyone that was injured or struggling. San Jose PD bike patrol was also on hand for the walk, riding along next to us to make sure we were safe. They were a great source of entertainment as well, dressed in tutus and bras, blaring girl power music. There were so many great aspects to the walk that I can honestly say that I do not have a least favorite moment…even after walking all day and being tired and sore.

MRTT: How did you feel at the start/middle/end of the walk?  Nervous, energized, needed to pee?

Ali: The morning of Day 1, Saturday, there was an opening ceremony. We had to be on the bus headed to Fort Mason no later that 5:45am. Since it was so early, my brain and body hadn’t quite figured out what it was doing up so early, so there weren’t a lot of nerves. I was, however, very excited to get the day and walk started.

MRTT: Do you want to share how long it took you to finish?

Ali: We walked 23.8 miles Saturday and 15.5 miles Sunday. While they didnt actually time the walk, we walked around 10 hours the first day (including rest stops and lunch) and around 6.5 hours the second day.

MRTT: Did you think the walk was well organized?

Ali: The walk is extremely well organized. You have the option of completing early check in online or you can check in at “Event Eve” the night before the walk. Every mile of the walk is marked (with exception to the miles immediately proceeding, on and preceding the Golden Gate Bridge) and there are pit stops (sometimes called Tit Stops :o) or rest stops every 2-4 miles.

MRTT:  Was there any “swag” (i.e. free stuff) for the walk?

Ali:  Free stuff!!! Everyone loves free stuff, right. While Avon does not give out medals, you do get a good amount of free stuff. You get a shirt when you sign up for the walk, fundraising incentives such as Marine World tickets, socks and shoe laces, tons for water, gatorade and snacks at each rest/tit stop, all meals are included and last but not least, another tee shirt when you finish the walk.

MRTT: Would you do the Avon walk again?

Ali: Hands down, no doubt, YES!!!  Of course I would recommend this walk. Not only is it for a great cause (and um, hello, EVERYONE has boobies!) it is also a great event that will push you beyond your
limits and comfort zone.

Pic from Ali s., July 2012

Finishing the Avon Walk and saving boobies – PRICELESS!!
Great job, Ali and Team Hooter Helpers!


Next year, the San Francisco Avon Walk will be held on September 28-29, 2013.  If you’re interested in doing a great walk for a great cause, check out their website here.


One response to “Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2012 – Race Review

  1. Dardi Limo says:

    I also support the fight against cancer. I salute Avon for heading this event.

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