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Water Bottles – A Love/Hate Relationship

on August 14, 2012

Every Sunday night, they stare at me.  My four water bottles. I only bought four since I usually only go running four times a week and I didn’t want to have to wash them after every run.  Lazy? Yes. But the last thing I want to do after running is to wash my water bottle.

So every Sunday, I wash them and fill them with water so I can just “grab and go” when I do my runs.  Sure, I can use one of those disposable water bottles however, I am trying to do my part and be “environmentally friendly”.  In my most extreme lazy days, when I haven’t washed my water bottles all week and Monday has come around, I do use a disposable water bottle, but then I reuse it throughout the day (growing bacteria be damned! I’m trying to help the environment here!) and then recycle it.

On the days I don’t have a “back up water bottle”, well, let’s just say, those days automatically become “rest days” by default!

Why the reluctance to wash these earth-saving, hydrating conveniences?  Simple – it’s really hard to clean them!! I am not one of those women with long, elegant fingers and narrow hands that can be described as “delicate”.  Nope – my hands can best be described as “meaty” (yes, it’s genetics!), not really “man hands” (although, if you think they are, please don’t comment!! I am sensitive that way!) but close enough.

Why I can't clean a water bottle

OMG! My hand IS as big as my face!

This leads me to be unable to get my hand, holding a sponge full of soap, down to the very bottom of the water bottle to clean it.  And you need to clean the bottom of your water bottle – that’s where all the backwash sits (yes, you do it too – don’t kid yourself!).  I tried stirring the sponge at the bottom with a long wooden spoon.  I tried shaking soapy water in there, hoping the agitation would clean it up.  But nothing passed the “feel the clean” test (you know, when you can run your finger along the plastic and it doesn’t feel slimy).

So, I broke down and bought a baby bottle cleaner.

Confession – the day that my youngest stopped using the bottle, I did a dance for joy.  I HATED washing those baby bottles and don’t get me started on the breast pump “attachments”!

I thought I would never have to see another baby bottle cleaner again.  WRONG! <sigh> But it worked – my water bottles are squeaky clean and I don’t have to worry about slime or bacteria or whatever growing on the bottom.

If only my kids were old enough to wash my water bottles and repay me for all the bottles I washed for them….hmmm, maybe I need to get a taller kitchen stool first…

water bottle and baby bottle brush vs me

My nemesis…

Confession – this is the real reason I don’t wear one of those fuel belts…four mini bottles to clean? The thought sends shivers down my spine….


5 responses to “Water Bottles – A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. Someone needs to invest in those “Clean Bottles” next time she needs a new water bottle! I think someone is working on getting a discount code for MRTT!

  2. Cindie says:

    I just throw my bottles in the dishwasher. Gosh, talk about LAZY! I wouldn’t hand scrub a water bottle. :p

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