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The 1st Annual MRTT Hot Mama Virtual Half Marathon and Relay – Race Review

on August 5, 2012

It’s a mouthful to say but the 1st Annual Moms RUN this Town (MRTT) Hot Mama Virtual Half Marathon and Relay was a totally fun success!!  For the San Jose chapter, it was a “Concurrent Relay”.  Isn’t that an oxymoron, you ask? How can a relay be run concurrently? Well, if you’re a Hot Mama – you can do anything!

A virtual race is a race that can be run anywhere, anytime but usually on the same day that other people are running the race.  There is even a site for people who want to run or host virtual 5Ks and a lot of running blogs put together virtual races to bring their blog followers together.  Some virtual races have race bibs and awards.  Our Hot Mama Virtual Half had an awesome medal! Check out this bling!

Aren’t you jealous? Yes, that Hot Mama is sizzling’ sparkly!!

I ran this race with another MRTT member through the lovely streets of San Jose on a hot July evening.  Even at 5 PM it was still about 75 degrees out!  Since we were doing the relay, that meant we had to run 6.55 miles each. A regular relay would had meant running each leg on our own. As there were only two of us, we decided to run it together since waiting for your partner to run 6.55 miles alone isn’t that fun – hence, “concurrent relay”!   There weren’t any crowds to cheer us on or any fancy race timing.  It was just us, our water bottles and the hot streets of San Jose!

We drove the route first, which was a total mistake.  6.55 is LONG!! OK – not as long as running 13.1 miles, but still, it’s a long way on a Saturday night when we could have just gotten dinner and a movie instead.

We started off strong for our first 4 miles – there were hills, but that didn’t deter us! I tried to keep our pace around 10:30 on my MotoActv since I didn’t want us to run too fast too soon.  That’s a rookie mistake that I still make even after almost 7 years of running. It’s so easy to do in an actual race when other people are passing you by and you get pulled forward by adrenalin. But this being a virtual race, and with only two of us, it was easier to keep our pace steady.

We passed cows and horses and tons of cars and people with dogs. Our conversation ranged from the mundane (“what did you do today?”) to the profound (“do you believe in the afterlife?”).   Then it was a breezy downhill to our water stop (i.e. where we hid our water bottles under a bush so we wouldn’t have to carry them the first part of the run).  It was the home stretch from there and we did the next two miles at about a 9:15 min pace.  Oh yeah – NEGATIVE SPLIT!! (I know – it wasn’t a “true” negative split, but whatever…) I could smell the BBQ that was waiting for us! Steak, rice pilaf, grilled veggies, ramen broccoli slaw….mmmmm!!

Steak – the dinner of Champions!!

We finished our Hot Mama Virtual Half Marathon relay in 2:28 (that’s 1:14 for 6.55 miles x2!).  OK – we’re not breaking any records, but for these two hot and sweaty mamas, it was 1st place in the race against ourselves.


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