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The Early Morning Run – A Love/Hate Relationship

on July 20, 2012

I ran at 7 AM today.  True – for some people, that doesn’t really qualify as “early morning”, but it does for me. I am the type of person who can sleep until 11 AM with no problem.  I am a “night owl” (as you can probably tell by the times that I post these blogs) and usually don’t go to bed until after midnight. Whoo! Whoo!

While I prefer running during the day  or evening, there is something really wonderful about getting up early and running:

1) The day is new – everyone else is still getting up and I am already dressed with my teeth brushed and my running shoes on.  There is so much potential to be had – will I run 3 miles or maybe do 5, 6? Maybe I will be faster by 1 or 2 or maybe even 5 minutes than my last run.  The air is crisp and I feel my senses are heightened.  The sun hasn’t become unbearably hot yet – it is beautiful in its morning glory, coming over the hills, gently reaching it’s rays to warm my skin.

2) When I run in the early AM, I feel like I don’t really have to get anything else done the rest of the day because I have already accomplished something GREAT (as opposed to those sleepy heads still snuggled in bed or trying to wake up with their first cup of coffee).   I woke up and ran early – voluntarily, no less! I should get some kind of prize for that!  And that prize is not having to clean the bathroom or do the laundry that day.

3) However, I do end up cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry and doing a whole bunch of other errands.  And I am in great mood – I play better with my kids (and my Honey) and have more patience. My dinners come out tasting great!  Early morning runs are so invigorating for me! I feel focused and motivated to get things done.  I feel I am functioning at my highest level in all my different roles.

4) And when I tell people I ran this morning – I know they’re thinking, “Man, she must be a REAL RUNNER.  Who else would get up that early to run?”  And I swell with pride because I do feel like a real runner! I real, dedicated, nothing-can-stop-me-from-my -runs mother runner!

If only those early morning runs weren’t so damn early….<sigh>

It’s almost midnight San Jose time and I have scheduled to run at 6 AM with another mom from our Moms RUN this Town group.  This night owl needs to get to bed!  A running date is the one incentive that ensures I am out that door by 5:30.

Oh, did you think I was running that early all by myself?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But thanks for thinking I’m a REAL RUNNER, anyway….

If you want to read an article about moms who run in the morning and all they can accomplish during the day (and of course, how that equates to a new consumer group companies can market to), check this one out!


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