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Damn you, Beard Papa!!

on July 10, 2012

It all started last night, around 2 AM.  I was up late getting things ready for the next day.  I am a night owl by nature, so I do my best “work”  (like cleaning, writing posts) late at night.  I had just finished everything I needed to do, when I heard my name being called from the refrigerator.

It was the last vanilla custard cream puff from Beard Papa.

If you haven’t had one of these deliciously decadent dreamy puffs, you are totally missing out! They bake the shells right on site, then when you give your order, they pump the creamiest custard into every nook and cranny of that golden baked puff, then dust it with powdered sugar (white for vanilla, cocoa for chocolate) before gently placing it in a white envelope then tucking each perfect puff into a box.  They make the custard in other flavors such as chocolate, green tea, and strawberry.  They also have “mini puffs” – the chocolate custard ones come half dipped in crave-worthy chocolate sauce that has hardened so when you pop that mini puff into your mouth, you hear a crunch before feeling that exquisite explosion of chocolate custard in your mouth.

We have one close to us and every so often we would get a 12-pack (yes, it’s like beer only yummier!).  Usually, I let my hubby eat most of them but last night, he left one, lonely puff in the fridge.  I couldn’t resist – poor thing really wanted to be eaten instead of spending another night in that cold, dark place.  And, I reasoned to myself, I was going to go for a 5 mile run the next day so I would burn off those calories before the sun set the next day.

Fast forward to 8 AM.

That was the time I woke up instead of 7 AM which is the time I really needed to be up to get the kids ready for school.  Now, for some folks, waking up an hour late wouldn’t be such a big deal – you just cut some stuff out, and have the kids dressed in half an hour and feed them breakfast in the car on the way to school.  Not for me.  As much as running as helped me in so many ways, increasing my ability to concentrate and make quick decisions and not lose my temper in stressful situations is not one of them.

So, here I was running around trying to get both kids up, dressed, fed and off to school before 9 AM.  Mission accomplished but 30 minutes late.  That was all it took.  Thirty minutes totally zapped my motivation to run five miles at a trail about 20 minutes from my house.

But I had to run – I ate that ambrosial ball of creamy goodness last night!  I need to work out those calories!  That was the only reason I ate it.  If I wasn’t going to run, I would have exercised self-control then instead of having to exercise my body now!  ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

So, I did what most people would do nowadays when faced with a lack of motivation.

I logged onto Facebook.

And after the prerequisite “creeping on other people’s pages”, I went on our Moms RUN this Town (MRTT) Chapter page and posted a plea for help.

My pathetic attempt at trying to find excuses to not run today was quickly squashed by one of our lovely members who challenged me to run my 5 miles if she ran her 8 miles today.   Of course, I could not back down.

Thank goodness for this goddess who told me I needed to run today.

Because I did – I needed to run, not just to get rid of that Beard Papa cream puff that had attached itself to my right hip.  But I needed to run because I would have felt awful and annoyed if I didn’t.  I needed to run to get me back into the right frame of mind and follow through with my plans for the rest of the day.  I needed to run to not be a grouchy momma when my kids got home from school.

I needed to run. And I did.

Thanks to some timely encouragement from my MRTT muse!

And no thanks to that dastardly delectable Beard Papa!


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