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Internalizing Intervals

on July 6, 2012

Some running mommy friends and I did a track workout at a local high school recently.  It was our first time doing this type of workout – our other runs had been on paved trails around town with our mantra being “slow and steady burns enough calories to eat cookies after dinner tonight”.

But today, we wanted to try to do some speed work or as they say in the “Running World”, do some “intervals”.  There are a lot of benefits to interval training (check out this NY Times article or this FitSugar article).  I especially like that you can get a great workout in less time – it’s like when you go to the mall and buy something on sale, then because you use that store’s credit card you get an extra 10% off, so you only end up paying half of the original price! Sweet!!

We did sprints on the straight parts, slow run on the curves. We took turns running laps so that at least one of us was with the kids who were playing in the end zone.  Boy, did they like to see mommy running fast! And fast we were – on average, about 2 minutes faster than our usual running pace.  It would have been difficult to maintain this speed (at least for me) for a long period of time, but what a feeling I had for those few seconds of swiftness!

Let me see if I can describe it in a haiku:

Wind lifts high my hair

My speed brings child-like freedom

No worries for now

Or how about:

Running round and round

Focused on steps, light and fast

No belly jiggle

Speed has a way of making me feel like the toddlers who were playing in the end zone – invincible, strong, full of wonder and fun – instead of the middle-aged momma I really am – tired, cynical, full of gripes and worries.  Hmmmm…maybe this means I just need to run faster all the time….


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