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Why Moms Should Run

on June 27, 2012

I just read this great article on about a mom of 12 (one of whom has numerous medical conditions) who does her training runs at 5 AM and has done marathons all over the U.S.  The best quote from this article is from the mom, Erin Henderson, who says, “I just found I’m going to be tired either way, and I feel much better if I get the run in.”

How I wish I had read this after my older daughter was born and I was a sleep deprived, spit-up smelling, poop cleaning sloth! Yes, I did call myself a “sloth”.  No, I did not turn into a furry, tree-hugging mammal (although, you probably couldn’t tell if you looked at my legs), but meaning a person who has a “habitual disinclination to exertion” per

My first “mom mistake” was to stay in the house the day after a sleep deprived night.  You know those nights: you gently lay your almost sleeping bundle of joy in her crib after giving her a bath, reading to her, nursing her.  As you tiptoe away, you breathe a sigh of excitement, “Maybe this will be the night she sleeps until morning!”  This sigh quickly becomes a groan as your lovely baby suddenly turns into a “Shrieking Sleep Sucking She-devil” prompting you to go back and make some feeble attempts to calm her down enough to get her back to a sleepy state.  So, the cycle begins – in between the crying, you try nursing/rocking/singing/walking/swaddling/divine drops/begging/pleading/bribing – whatever it takes to get her to calm down and sleep.

After one of these nights, I thought that staying in would help me get some rest.  I mean, the bed is “right there”, right? I could lay down when she takes a nap.  But of course, that never happened – if she napped, I usually ended up doing housework, or watching TV or surfing the web.  When I stayed at home all day, I never felt “rested”, just more tired and irritable.

What did help was going out for walks with other mom friends and their kids.  And I found out later, that going out for runs was even better.  Add a lunch or picnic play-date at the park, and my day was absolutely awesome!  The socialization and activity helped me to feel less tired (no matter how many hours of sleep I got) and I also felt more productive and “put together” (probably because I put on “real clothes” and even brushed my teeth and hair before going out).

Being a mom is hard work – the hours are long, the demands are great and until our kids start talking (and sometimes even after that), we aren’t really getting any positive feedback about how we are doing.  It is very stressful – and that doesn’t include the stress we might get if we also have a job outside the home! Walking, running or any type of exercise releases endorphins in our body, our “feel good hormones” (see this article from the Mayo Clinic).  Being in the house, watching TV or checking Facebook does not (and in fact, it may actually do the opposite – check out this article from

Sometimes we do need to “veg out”, but if a mom of 12 can get out and run, how about you? If you’re going to be tired anyway, you might as well get a run in!


3 responses to “Why Moms Should Run

  1. kc says:

    that was the best part of the article! there’s been so many times where i thought i was too “tired” and ended up wasting precious down time just looking up random stuff. in the end, i was still tired!

    keep up the great posts! i always look forward to reading them!

  2. sanjosemrtt says:

    Thanks, Karla!! I’ll keep them coming so you can have something to read when you’re up with the baby. Two more days….=)

  3. Kathy says:

    Awesome blog Irma! I’ll be checking back frequently! Keep them coming:)

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